Light, Beacon, HD 310, Low Lens, Standard Permanent Mount NOT LED

Item # SM500-B-310-L-ST

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Ultra-bright Double, Quad, PentaFlash, HexaFlash, up to 400 flashes per minute. Automatic night dimming modes. Barricade (night only) modes. Soft start power supply minimizes spikes and electrical noise. 12-28 Volts or 110/220 VAC. Up to 24 joule versions. Exceeds SAE J1318 class 2 and 3 requirements No power supply or power cables needed

Product Specifications

  • Color
  • Amber
  • Volts
  • 12-28 Volts or 110/220 VAC
  • Size
  • Low Dome 4.25"
  • Installation Type
  • Perm/Pipe Mount