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Work Zone Safety

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TMI provides safe work zones for our clients and the traveling public.

About Us

Customer Service

We believe in our customers. We combine years of experience with new technology to achieve satisfaction and value.

About Us

Lane Closures & Detours

Our traffic control installations effectively close one or both directions of any roadway. Detour routes are anticipated and posted accordingly.

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Sign Installation

TMI supplies and installs both temporary and permanent signage. Ranging from no parking and street names to roadway and DOT large-scale installs.

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TMI provides high quality finishes for both temporary and permanent striping applications.

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Special Events & Filming

We have years of experience with special events and film projects, including most major award shows, sporting events, parades and marathons.

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Freeway Closures

Freeway closures are high risk, highly technical closures. TMI’s trained staff will keep your crews safe.

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K-Rail Installations

K-Rail services from start to finish. We provide solutions and resources for your next project.

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24 Hour Emergency Response

TMI’s central dispatch is available day or night. Crews can often be dispatched within an hour and on-site to assess the situation.

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changeable message board

Message Boards

We offer the latest solar power models of trailer mounted CMS boards available in the market, all with the capability of remote programming to save you time and money.

type 1 barricade


We offer Type 1, 2 and 3 barricades for all type of projects, available to rent or buy. Our large selection conforms to MUTCD standards.

flashing arrow board

Arrow Boards

Our solar panel units are high quality and reliable. Whether you need 1 or 100, we can support any size project or scope.

grabber top delineator

Channelization Devices

We stock multiple styles of delineation devices. Including but limited to delineators, cones, drums, and barricades.

water filled k rail

Water-Filled K-Rail

We provide several styles of water filled barriers, ranging from 18” for airport applications to 42” crash-worthy barriers.

traffic control sign on a stand


At each of our locations we inventory standard signage for the typical construction project or local event. Most are available for rent and/or purchase.

Non-engineered plan

Some projects do not need to be fully engineered to be accepted by agencies. Typical or site-specific plans can be drafted for any type of project needed. Whether replacing a telephone pole, residential utility connection or other minor construction work, a simple plan may be all that is required.

Engineered Plan

Plans are site-specific, drawn to scale to show all relevant existing conditions. Additional time is required to allow for a field survey/verification, as well as reviewed by our in-house engineers. Pricing is dependent on the project size and requirements, and is usually based on number of sheets.

Striping Plan

An engineered traffic plan where striping changes is used to modify the configuration of a roadway. Special attention is paid to existing site conditions. Detailed and accurate site-surveys are vital as the striping configuration that is to be installed, or removed, must be done with great accuracy.

Signal Plan

Whether timed, inductive loops, or video detection, traffic signals are an integral part of any roadway system. As part of either temporary or permanent intersection reconfigurations, signal plans can be required by an agency. The ability to provide these plans is an important aspect for redevelopments as well as large scale projects.

Street Lighting Plan

If the proposed work will be impacting existing street lights, a temporary lighting plan may be required to maintain night time illumination while construction is underway. Proper electrical details and connection to existing circuits are some of the considerations necessary with this type of plan.

Encroachment Permits

Without encroachment permits, you risk heavy fines and being shut down. TMI pulls these permits on our customers' behalf with efficiency and accuracy.

Delivering Public Notices

Agencies may require public notification. TMI can post a large sign at the job site and deliver notices to businesses and residents within a radius of a job site.

Submitting Evidence of Requited Liability Insurance

Agencies require proof of liability insurance when working within their jurisdiction. If your insurance doesn’t meet the standards set by the city it can hold up the issuance of the permit you need. TMI can provide each city's requirements and submit insurance documents for approval.

Attending Special Agency Meetings

TMI is familiar with special agency meetings, understanding what is required when attending them, and how to work with committee members.

Posting Enforceable "No Parking" Signs

If “No Parking” signs do not meet agency requirements, they can be considered non-enforceable. TMI knows each city, county and state agency's specific requirements.

Negotiating with Specific Agencies

TMI can leverage long-standing relationships with many agencies. We can help mediate between your needs and the cities requirements to get you what you need to get the job done.

traffic control sign on a stand

Signs & Accessories

At each of our locations inventory standard signage for the typical construction project or local event are available. We also have fully equipped, state of the art sign shops to customize any special request or idea.

concrete k rail


We provide multiple styles barriers ranging from concrete to water filled. Most are available to rent or buy.

cone with reflective bands

Channelization Devices

We stock multiple styles of delineation devices for purchase, including but not limited to delineators, cones, drums, and barricades.

2 beacons

Beacon Lights

Lighting is available in D cell, solar power or LED from quality vendors.

pedestrian barricade


We offer Type 1, 2, and 3 barricades for all type of projects, available to rent or purchase. Our large selection conforms to MUTCD standards.

a group of 3 crash barrels

Crash Attenuators

We are the exclusive dealer for the Energy Absorption product line. We inventory all products and parts for crash cushion systems and attenuators.

roll of temporary black mask striping tape

Roadway Marking Products & Equipment

Whether you are marking a new construction site or surveying for a potential build, we inventory a wide selection of products to fit the need of the project.